Bunk Beds For Your Twins: 6 Awesome Benefits Of These Double-Duty Sleeping Quarters

Your twins are probably a handful. A handful of fun, energy, and endless excitement. With your hands so full, you need to take advantage of anything that makes life easier for you, especially if it benefits the twins, too. Bunk beds fit this bill, serving double-duty in a multitude of ways. 1. Bunk Beds Are Super Space Savers Especially if you have a small bedroom for your twins or need another bedroom for someone else, bunk beds cut the space required for sleeping considerably. Read More 

How to Update an Old China Cabinet

Don't overlook that old oak china cabinet at the consignment shop. It may look outdated, but if it's still in pretty good shape, you can update it to look more modern. It won't cost too much to update the piece, either. See below for tips to update a china cabinet.  Here's What You Need: Deglosser Clean rags Sandpaper Wood filler Chalk paint (in any color you prefer) Soft wax Paintbrush New knobs or pulls Instructions: Read More 

How To Set Up A Living Room Around A Recliner

When it comes to living room furniture, recliners are the ultimate in comfort. These chairs, which can either be positioned in a straight-up or reclining position, are often made with plush, cushioned fabric to add to the relaxation factor. Ideal for watching TV, reading, or even taking an afternoon nap in, reclining chairs also come in a wide range of colors to coordinate with any living room decor theme. Once you've chosen the best recliner for your living room, it's time to work it into the overall space layout. Read More 

Treat Yourself To A Serene And Soothing Bedroom This Winter

It is important to have a soothing and relaxing place to recharge your batteries, especially during the long winter months. Make sure that your bedroom is a space that is restful and serene, so that you can unwind and get restorative sleep when you need it most. Some tips for creating your serene space are: Make sure your mattress is up to par. If you are not sleeping well at night, it could be due to your mattress. Read More 

Come Sail Away: 4 Ways to Decorate Any Home Like a Coastal Bungalow

Whether you live on the coast or you just want to dream about it, designing a beach-like interior for your home can make you feel like you live in a secret haven. How can you go about creating that perfect beach home anywhere? Here are four great ways to get it done. Shabby Chic. A fun and stylish way to evoke the coastal feel is by decorating in so-called "shabby chic" Read More